Smooth Sensation: Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

Meg Meg Hughes
Australian breakfast smoothie recipe

Thanks to particularly prominent Paleo tribal-types (…shall remain nameless) there’s been a fair few dos and don’ts around smoothies and blended (esp. fruity) drinks floating around the interwebs of late. The bare facts remain however, that with the right ingredients (a good balance of fruits, nuts and/or other high protein source) in appropriate measures - appropriate being the operative word - blended together or not, smoothies deliver an unrivalled nutritional power-hit on mornings when speed and convenience too often make the difference between bad brekkie habits and good.

Here’s a few simple, wholesome and (importantly…) yummy breakfast smoothies you can whizz up in minutes to grab and go. Or sit and savour. Be assured, they all taste just as great however you choose to devour them.

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