Beer Can Chicken And 9 Other Unusual Ways To BBQ

Jo Hughes Jo Hughes

If the heat’s got you beaten for kitchen action this summer, there’s never been a better time to move it outside for some alfresco fun. Lorded as the enviable ‘lifestyle experience’ Australia revels in 3 seasons of the year, outdoor eating isn’t just a sensible way of keeping house heat down - it’s enjoyable, often highly creative and facilitates a great social experience.

And listen up all discerning hosts/outdoor cuisiniers…best of all, you don’t need that plethora of outdoor apparatus so commonly marketed as a ‘must-have’. Your good old hooded gas barbeque will serve just fine in place of a wood fired pizza oven, paella burner, spit roaster and general hot top. And results can be equally flavoursome and satisfying - if not more so - given the added creativity you’ve afforded your cooking art.

And the pièce de résistance …

Beer Can Chicken. Yep, around a third of a can of beer, carefully placed can and all inside the chicken cavity, roasted tripod style on the barbie.

Beer can chickens on the BBQ. Image credit: Insufficient Postage via flikr
Image credit: Insufficient Postage via flikr

Apart from the comical entertainment of an upright bird and its apparant propensity for ale, done correctly beer-can roast chicken gives an evenly roasted crispy exterior and moist, flavoursome interior.

The Aussie food blogosphere is awash with variants on this style of BBQ roast, so personalise to perfection with spice rubs and bastings galore. Here’s a classic rosemary, thyme & lemon recipe courtesy of Em’s Food For Friends.

Whet your appetite?

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