8 Easy Ways To Get Ancient Grains Into Every Day

Meg Meg Hughes

If you’ve ever hunted around for alternatives to white pasta or rice to help mix up your carb intake, you’ll no doubt have heard the term ‘Ancient Grains’ - collectively referring to cereals like spelt, teff, freekeh, farro, buckwheat, barley and oats, among others.

Though grains have been grown by settled communities for at least 10,000 years, it’s only in recent decades that we’ve seen heritage cereal varieties sidelined in favour of faster-growing, high-yielding wheats to feed the densely populated developed world.

Alternative cereal varieties can offer superior nutritional advantages over wheat - including more protein, fibre and richer vitamin and mineral content. Some claim easier digestibility, while the different flavours and textures they offer have epicureans delighting over their surrogacy in traditionally rice or wheat-based dishes.

Savoury Oats by Wholefood Simply blog
Savoury cereal bowl by Wholefood Simply

And with oats and barley both making the alternative grain cut, a little thinking outside the box - like this Savoury Cereal Bowl by Wholefood Simply or perhaps a jaw-droppingly dressed-up muesli, would be all it takes to bust out of the wheat groove and get ancient grains in to your every day.

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