Champagne Ice Cubes Are Going to Win Your Summer!

Meg Meg Hughes

So summer’s fast approaching and what better way to get the most out of your leisurely long summer days than having a genius kitchen hack up your sun-smart sleeve. Yes, Champagne ice cubes!

Now you can throw together a quick tipple and feel good about not having to open a whole bottle…and never waste the last of a flattened bottle of fizz again. Here’s how to give a little extra glitz to just about any champagne cocktail your heart desires….

Make ice cubes with leftover wine

You’ll need:

  • An empty ice cube tray
  • Leftover (yes…) Champagne or Prosecco

What to do

Pour the bubbly evenly, and without accidently spilling any into your mouth, into the ice cube tray sections. If you’re after an extra dose of luxury, you can add a slice of strawberry or a few lavender petals to each one at this point. I must admit to prefering momentum over downright decadence when it comes to my cocktails however. Hahaha!

Place the filled ice cube tray in the freezer, ideally overnight, but at least a few hours until frozen solid. Serve with orange or grapefruit juice, in your Bellinis, Black Velvets, brunch punch… or whatever your favourite champers cocktail tipple of the moment happens to be.

Mmhhm, MMMmimosas!

MH x