6 Winter Warming Recipes To Make With Red Wine

Meg Meg Hughes

Happy winter solstice southern hemispherians! The outlook (along with the light) as they say, only gets brighter from here.

Wine jokes - when it rains, I pour

And when it’s cold outside, nothing adds warmth to a mid-winter repast like an accompanying glass of red.

But whether it’s a left-over drop, or a budget bottle best avoided by the glass, red wine also makes an excellent ingredient to have on hand in the kitchen. Full-bodied reds add an unrivalled depth of flavour to robust (as opposed to delicate) dishes, giving a boost to anything from a basic bolognese to chocolate cake, poached fruit and preserves.

Though, sadly, the once commonly-believed ‘red wine is good for you’ mantra has been long-since debunked as a myth, cooking with wine does still introduce useful antioxidants without overdoing the alcohol (since this mostly evaporates with heat) or concentrated sugar otherwise associated with fruit juices.

Wine also makes an excellent part-substitute in recipes that call for fats to give flavour and retain moisture - think marinades, sauces and even cake baking secrets. The result is a rich fullness in flavour without the calorific inconvenience that accompanies oils and butter.

Here are six sumptious red wine recipe suggestions to help you make a wintery splash…

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