In Season: Asparagus The Awesome

Jo Hughes Jo Hughes

Move over Edamame, Wheatgrass and Kale.

You might have been the most blogged-about green giants of lang syne, but now it’s time to make way for another spearheading superhero. Yes asparagus, with its enduring appeal power-coupled up to an invincible array of health benefits, flies far above that cursory world of superfood fads.

Seasonal asparagus recipe

Get spring into your step

Thanks to a flourishing domestic market, everyone’s favourite edible spring symbol is abundant in Australian grocery outlets from late August through to April. Most commercially grown Australian asparagus comes from Victoria, with a few smaller producers dotted in NSW, Queensland and WA.

As well as ticking all the obvious green, fibre-full and ‘free-from’ healthy boxes, asparagus boasts a monumental line up of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. A single portion (5 spears) delivers a whopping 25% of your RDA of folate, 20% of Vitamin C and 12% of Vitamin B1 essentials.

Flavour, versatility and appearance make asparagus the much-loved cornerstone of spring snacks, salads, side dishes, condiments and even ice cream. (yes someone’s done it…ice cream). Here’s a quick six to inspire your asparagus appreciation journey for this season.


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