In Season: Australian Blueberries

Jo Hughes Jo Hughes
Australian Blueberries are in season over the summer months, with late harvests in February and March.

If last year’s frozen berry scandal is still fresh in your mind, you’ve no doubt been revelling in the availability (plus slightly easier-on-pocket prices) of local blueberries as the late Australian harvests come in.

Buying up while they’re cheap and freezing your own is a great strategy if you want to support local producers but still have the convenience of year-round availability… and you don’t feel like busting your fruit budget on a blueberry blowout every once in a while. If you’re lucky enough to live near a pick your own zone, or perhaps happen across a fortunate end-of-day find at a produce market, you can enjoy a decent haul to tuck away in the freezer and dip into as need arises.

Once frozen, blueberries lend themselves well to being included in baking, sauces or smoothies, given their tendency to go mushy as they defrost.

Brain-boosting and cancer-busting antioxidants, flavinoids that can help you lose weight, and a taste sensation that speaks of sunshine and summertime…you’ll never find a better time for some Aussie blueberry indulgence.

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